“Amsterdam has more than 150 canals and 1,250 bridges, but it never seems crowded, nor bent and bitter from fleecing the tourist.”

Julie Burchill.

I didn’t know autumn. I mean I knew how it looked like, I watched Gilmore Girls religiously, but I didn’t know how Autumn feels like. Moreover Autumn in the screen is not as powerful as snow on moment framing scenes, so I always looked past it.

Until one day when I got to see it during my first ever trip to Europe. From the window of a taxi that was taking us from Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam. I was trying to absorb all the new things laid in front of my eyes. Everything, while thinking, eh Amsterdam lacked of greenery. The stupid thing was (I was a little sleep deprived), it didn’t register in my mind that it was Autumn. In my defense, I came from a tropical country. I have only experienced summer all year long, so it didn’t dawn on me right away that those bald trees were due to the change of season.

Getting inside the city. All the yellow, red and gold! My heart beat faster. I was ecstatic, despite being awake for 36 hours. I was in the movie scene. I was Rori Gilmore, coming home from Yale spring break. I was Ally McBeal with greasier hair, walking back to my brownstone apartment while daydreaming my life away. I was Serena Van Der Woodsen sitting on met steps with Blair Waldorf.

Never in my life, I have seen a street as beautiful, so picturesque. I forgot the last time I felt like this. Oh wait, maybe when I went snorkeling. Then I saw in the canals and the buildings. I was looking at a painting! Row and row of endless paintings. Can a city be this gorgeous? What more beauty could I see at The Rijksmuseum??

And the taxi stopped. My cousin paid. I guess she must have called my name, but I still had my mouth wide opened disbelief that we were staying in a hotel that was facing the canal. #travelhigh. I wished my parents could see it one day and I keep bugging Fafa to go and see it.

At night we took the canal ride, a must in Amsterdam.

Even though I was fighting the tiredness of not sleeping for two straight days mixed with alcohol, I couldn’t stop thinking that I was in Amsterdam. I got to experience this and that I was extremely lucky. I wanted to stand up to give a thank you speech to God, my parents and the Universe, but it would be a little to other sleep deprived tourist. I will do it here instead.

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