First Few Blogs I Remember Reading

Vi’s Bilingual Blog

Vi, might be the one who got the blogging ball rolling for me. Back in 2007, we were classmates. One day she came in late while still wearing purple PJs. Then and there I decided I want to befriend her.

Long story short, she had a blog, although it’s bilingual, I loved reading it. It’s like seeing another side of Vi. The one that’s not immediately revealed by going on binge drinking with her. She stopped posting a long time ago. I am not even sure whether she still remembers the URL.

Alex/Alexis on

Vox was a blogging form which ran until 2010. Alex/Alexis (I can’t remember) was a twenty/thirty-something woman who blogged about her life, work, exes, and things she found on the internet, like food shaped USB.

She also traveled a bit.

I started reading her blog on 2008 while being at work and it entertained me, especially in-between dull tasks. I found her immensely interesting (she took a pole dancing class and went skiing) and wanted to have a life that resembled some of hers.

Of course, I created my own Vox blog soon after but stopped writing after a few posts.


A blog of another friends. It was 2010and we both started blogging. While I kept changing names and design of my blogs (while not posting anything much), she wrote interesting posts, sharing her passion for culinary traveling.

Unfortunately, she stopped after a while. She toyed with the idea of starting another blog again recently but decided against it. Oh well, it’s our lost Internet.


Erika’s blog was the only blog I read (and still reading) religiously right before I started blogging again in last year. Although she wrote with a huge amount of passion, her tone is always fun and light-hearted. I wanted to be her friend immediately after reading a few of her posts.

I am without a doubt that these four ladies have influenced my blogging and life hugely.

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