Bishan Block 157

I haven’t been writing for a while as I was stressing out about finding a new place to live after being notified a couple of weeks ago to move out by a Post-it note posted by Harpit, my landlord’s son on the fridge (his preferred method of communication).

I moved in a few days into a pink room with a big window at Bishan block 157. The whole thing, including the packing and unpacking craziness, took a toll on my sanity.

Living in Singapore as an average Joe, one usually shares an apartment with few people or rent a room in a landlord apartment. I currently am the latter. Most of us would choose to share a flat with friends instead of getting a room in a landlord’s place for apparent reasons; like privacy, freedom, and whatnot. But after getting to know my landlord and her four generations of the family a little better, I find it very hard not to like them.

Aunty Mary is a very kind and generous lady.

She always shares her food with me and insists on helping me when I do errands. In short, she is incredible, and I am enjoying my first few weeks living under her roof.

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