Online Shopping

Retail therapy, and very rarely due to necessity, I prefer to do online shopping instead of going to the mall. I even prefer to get my food delivered. Goods and food delivered and the joy of receiving packages; these are the things good life is made of. And I do it often enough so I thought I’ll be posting it here every now and then.

The first, and hopefully only thing I bought through online shopping this month, is a bunch of new-age products. I am hoping that it would help to calm me down at work. I bought it with my manager’s face floating in my head. I know I will need this during the busy working period of the month, which is this week.

All the things I got were rated four stars and above, so would like to think online shopping is justified, At least this time? The items were a stress-reliever, Chia seed, and yogi tea. I bought the last two after a recommendation from Vi. I also got a room aromatherapy oil which was considerably cheaper than the one I usually get from the Body Shop.

I am keeping the Chia seed to give to Appa the next time I fly home. Meanwhile, I have been drinking the yogi tea. Even though I like it, none of my friends who I offered it to when they visit the house last weekend, did. Oh well, to each their own yogi I guess.

This morning, a Monday, with a long working day ahead, I dab this on my wrist. I’m liking the effect of it. I hope my supply lasts long enough to survive to work with this very demanding manager of mine.

Now, hours later, I have clocked in a full working day without enough rest or talk over the drink counter and we still have to pull an all-nighter. I am taking a break to dab more stress reliever and write this while waiting for the yogi tea to brew.

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