This week I plan to get on cooking — let’s take a moment to let my real-life friends laugh in the background. Are you guys done? Nope? *waiting patiently*.

Cooking is a normal thing adults do, like laundry or typing an email, but I don’t do it.

Well, I tried to do it a few times, but I ended up burning my dishes, melting my food, or forgetting to put the important ingredients, so I stopped. I feed myself by eating canned foods, takeaways and occasionally self-inviting myself to my friends’ houses during dinner time.

It’s safe to say my cooking skills are below par by looking at how many cooking utensils I have, which are zero. I do have some neat tableware because hey, I might be eating microwaved lasagna, but I am eating it using Minnie Mouse the fork.

Okay, so cooking, I was inspired by Rima from Gula & Garam when she Instagram-ed Kao Tom Gai and later posted the recipe. I want! And she said it’s easy to make, soo I will *ehem* attempt to cook it or something as easy and feed myself and maybe Fafa.

Wish me luck people, I really need it this time.

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