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The Chariot in Tarot

I have a hot and cold relationship with The Chariot tarot card. I love it on some decks (Everyday Witch Tarot) and not so much on others (Rider Waite Smith Tarot).

It’s also located at the very end of the first out of three rows of Major Arcana, making it one of the hardest to understand, along with Temperance and The World.

Image: A man standing on a some kind of vehicle.

Background: A metropolitan city.

Familia: Spinx.


Elements: Air.

Keywords: Movement. Victory. Bold. Control. Journey. Action. Assertion. Domination. Tenacity. Willpower.

Additional Traits

Suit: Sword.

Numerology: Major Arcana number 7.

Zodiac: Capricorn.

Events: Journey.

Vibes: Authoritative, Fast.

The Chariot

Meanings:  The card is a reminder to be courageous and keep going as you will achieve your goals you keep being determined, disciplined and focus. It can also mean travel.

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