Four of Pentacles in Tarot

Grumpy man card.

Image: A man, with a grumpy face, sitting on a chest while holding a coin. There is a coin under each of his feet. He is wearing a crown. The only person in the deck wearing a crown, other than the Kings. He must be somewhat rich.

Background: A metropolitan city.

Familia: -.

Misc: Crown.

Elements: Earth.

Keywords: Stability. Possessions. Control. Greed. Obsession. Hoarding. Fear of scarcity. Boundaries.

Additional Traits

Soul Sister Cards:

Suit: Pentacles.

Numerology: Minor Arcana number 4.

Zodiac: Capricorn.

Events: Illness.

Vibes: Negative.

Four of Pentacles

Meanings:  Possessiveness. Hoarding. Scarcity mindset. Seeking out more control in life.

Me and the card:

Today: (10.03.20) – not a surprise, I draw this card on my first day of period, when I hardly smiled the whole day.

3 thoughts on “Four of Pentacles in Tarot

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