Four of Wands in Tarot

Image: A couple (woman in the red coat and the man in the blue coat) holding their harvested grapes. A basket full of grapes near them. Four of wands stood as a pavilion as if there is a celebration going on or is happening soon. (Universal Golden Tarot deck).

Background: a big house.

Familia: na.

Misc: grapes.

Elements: Home (the key element), Earth and Fire

Additional Traits

Numerology: Minor Arcana Number 4 – Wands. 4 meaning stability.

Events: Thanksgiving.

Vibes: Happy, positive, joyful.

Four of Wands Tarot

Meanings: Celebrating accomplishments, thanksgiving and gratitude, coming home and gathering with loved ones.

Me and the card:

4 thoughts on “Four of Wands in Tarot

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