Temple Healing

I went to the temple today. It’s crowded, people were everywhere, talking to the Gods, wearing a colorful dress, doing this and that. Some were praying, sitting, looking at others, eating, meditating, singing, being blessed, walking, kneeling, whispering their wishes to God, showing their kids how to pray properly. I hardly fit in with all these rituals and traditions. I wore jeans and a T-shirt and I carried my gym bag. I must look weird for them. But something happened when I closed my eyes and prayed. I said my grace, problems, and sorry; my heartfelt a much lighter.

I got a text when I typed this blog post, seems fitting to be shared here:

“There is a time we knock down with everything, we disappointed by ourselves of our inability, incapableness, failure, and emptiness. Just please don’t give up yet. About being empty inside. We’ll try to come up with something. Just pull yourself together first. Let’s chat tomorrow again, yea… Hmm, just received your SMS about prayer”.


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