2 Blog Goals After 2 Years

My two years of blogging have also taught me many things, mainly things like shoulda coulda woulda. So I made writing/blogging goals for myself:

Write the Draft Now

Not later, not tomorrow, not after I rescue the cat.

I wanted to write this post since yesterday, but sitting in front of a blank screen in the morning, I couldn’t come up with anything, so I didn’t. I thought I will do after lunch, nope, I went to the bookstore instead.

Not until this afternoon, when I was in the shower, I realized writing a post in one sitting is not my style.

I need to write a draft first.

A messy, headache-inducing draft even, but still I can write it anywhere anytime thanks to Evernote.

So when I sit down in front of the laptop to post an article, I don’t need to start from scratch, I just have to edit the draft, add pictures, and click publish.

Another one is:

Write Every Day

We all agree on the benefits of taking a blogging break every now and then, but do you know what’s the best thing about taking a writing break? Nothing.

I missed writing and even though I wrote in my journal every now and then during these breaks, I still struggled to get back into the blogging routine because I didn’t write every day.

So I shall write something, however short, but not a grocery list, every day. I believe it will help to keep the momentum going.

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