Job Needed

While not having a job might seem fun — waking up late, taking both afternoon and evening nap, day shopping, etc — searching for a job definitely hasn’t been fun.

Tweaking resume, applying hundreds of applications, waiting with anxiety, signing up on too many job agencies.

Answering the question ‘What do you do?’ with ‘Hmm… Waiting for a call?‘ while wondering whether there is a better way to do this job search thingy.

Tomorrow I’m going to take a passport size picture. Again. My current one is a sad-faced girl with too much make-up. I have been wondering whether it could it be the reason? You know, other than it’s the job market current condition. Whatever it’s, I’m doing everything within my limits, to score a job.

So I’m fixing the sad face first, global economy fail can wait.

Arggh.. I have been waiting for an important email for 24 hours now, the promise was they’d replied it within the hour. Does it mean no?

P.s. People who moan about your Monday workload every Sunday evening,  how did you get your job? Seriously, this is not a sarcastic question, how did you, because I could really use some pointers over here.

P.p.s Dear Universe, I want a job, mind peace and a positive reply. Now, please and thank you.

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