Dorm Life

I have been living in student dorm for almost two weeks now. 

It started from last month when I flew across the country to become smarter and embark on the first step into adulthood.

There was a little discussion on where should I live.

The choice was either with my grandma, at the family friends’ or in a dormitory.

I convinced Amma that I’m old enough (too old even!) to live in a dormitory. She agreed. I chose my dormitory randomly and landed on the International Student Hostel.

They asked me to pay a deposit and a month’s rent upfront and I moved in three of weeks ago. 

To my shock, and I immediately learned to accept, my dormitory room didn’t look anything like the ones in the TV show.

It’s not sided by side with people own stuff, It’s just a bunk bed and two study tables and a (shared) small wardrobe to put all my and my roommate’s things.

Speaking of my roommate, her name is Tweety, though err.. she looks and behaves exactly opposite compared to the yellow bird. She is big, loud, rude and f-ing erratic. At time, she can nice but most of the times, she is just plain crazy.

Other than my roommate, the rest of my dorm mates are acceptable. They are polite during daytime and overly friendly (read: sleazy and drunk) during night time. 

The biggest incident so far was me getting stung by a bee. It was so fucking painful and I almost, almost, called home to cry over this.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I sat alone and spent the hour nursing the pain while convincing myself that this is what I wanted for so long (not the bee-stung, but the living alone) so I have to be strong. 

More updates on my dormitory life and Tweety soon! Thanks for reading. 

Update:  My dormitory life didn’t last long. Out of the fear of being killed by Tweety during my sleep, I moved out a week later. I then moved into a shared apartment on Owen road within the same month.

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