venn diagram

Venn Diagram-ing My Passion

Hi, I’m back, in case you noticed that I had been away — but if not, Hi!

The past few weeks, my life, mind, and energy have been sucked by Strategic Management Accounting exam, which I took late last month. Tbh, idk whether I managed to answer it adequately to pass – alas, that’s a future-me problem. Today-me is here to share about something else: a Venn diagram I doodled while studying — of the things that interest me that I am keen to write more about.

Here it’s — tarot, happiness, culture, and travels. These are the things that I am drawn too, which I guess not a surprise if you know me IRL.

So what does it mean for the blog? Well, it can be nothing since I have already written about these things here. Still, I kinda want it to be a bit more than a “nothing” something. Hopefully, telling you this will add a bit of accountability to my blogging process to think and write more about the things that interest me interestingly.

Furano Airbnb

Kurated Reads – April 2021

On a stressful morning of a workday, I stumbled upon this article: Cheer up! The happiness guru on how to feel better — it managed to cheer me up.

Related to above: 10 Little Words for Happiness

Holding space with a simple coffee ritual. 100% yes yes yes.

Best writing nuggets of my ethereal fave Nora Ephron.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords Take on Achieving Goals

Today, I did a new moon tarot spread ritual. Being an Aries ♈︎ new moon, the first zodiac in the cycle with a new beginning theme attached to it, I did the spread focusing on the goals I set for myself this year. The last card on the spread was the “message from the Universe“, and I got the Five of Swords.

Five of Swords is about:

conflict resulting in winning but not really (winning at all costs) or being defeated.

Neither is a message I expected to get when asking about achieving my goals.

The card I pulled was from the Tarot of The Divine deck by Yoshi Yoshitani (yep, I finally got the deck after waiting for more than six months). Here, the card shows Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, holding five scythes while the fertility Goddess Isis is mourning near his feet.

Btw, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that looking at the card only and associating it with The Five of Swords‘ traditional meaning, one might interpret it as Anubis has defeated Iris in the duel. That’s not the case. In the Egyptian mythology, Anubis restored Iris’s husband, Orisis’s, chopped dead body parts, turning him into the first mummy. Therefore, Anubis is more of an ally instead of an opponent. It flipped Five of Swords’ classic deception, which is traditionally drawn as two opposing sides, one side winning and causing a grievance to the other side. Because of this and many other distorted links between the image on the cards and the mythologies behind each of them, I am not sure whether I want to celebrate this deck as the culture-themed tarot deck that I have been waiting for all my tarot-practicing life.

Five of Swords Tarot

Anyway, back to the Five of Swords and my achievement-focused Aries ♈︎ new moon tarot spread. After some mulling-over, I remembered a story from the mega-inspiring book that I read years ago: Happier by Tal Ben Shahar. He started the book with a story of being disappointed after winning a race he put so much effort into because he thought it would make him happy (the classic: I will be happy when *insert future achievements here*), but it didn’t, because achieving goals doesn’t equal being happy/happier.

I guess the Universe is trying to tell me the same thing:

Achieving all my 2021 goals won’t bring me happiness.

Both might work parallelly and possibly interlinked, but I’d be a fool to see them as the same things. This, though I don’t like to admit, is a good reminder for a goal-hungry Virgo like myself.

Now, how do I cultivate happiness, which is the ultimate goal?

gratitude list

Gratitude List 07.04.21

It’s been a while since I shared my #gr8ful list here ━ now, accompanied by my a-glass-on-Wednesday-night wine, seems as good a time as any.

Today I am grateful…

That I work in the CBD area which at times makes me feel like I am in the American TV shows I grew up watching. That I cultivate nurturing hobbies and for having the chance (and my sensibility) to nurture them. For stand-up comedians. For the sight of stacked books, hanging house plants, flying flock of birds and easy-to-read tarot spread. For life-defining split-second moments. For having white teeth and a happy womb. For relatable personal blogs. For an endless supply of funny stories and sleepy tea. For the come back of some parts of the old normal. For having a zest for life. For keep discovering more and more things, I love as I grow older, like chai. For film photography Instagram accounts and inspiring audiobooks. That I have strong female friends.


Sakura Kyoto Japan

I Smell Japan

I miss Japan, which is not news to anyone who reads this blog. But when I could smell Japan on the potato gems I ordered from Leonard’s House of Love, the local pub in my neighbourhood, I realized that my body ━ my olfactory memory ━ miss Japan too. So much so that it has started tracing the smell of Japan, my Japan, all the way from here. 8,191.28 km away.

I catch the smell of Japan from the freshly made coffee Fafa put on my bedside table. From the tempura soba, we drive 15mins to have during lunch hour. From the bubble tea face mask I slather myself with every Thursday night. From the matcha powder, I resort to drink when I still need a mid-afternoon boost after two cups of coffee. From Fafa’s Forest perfume and his SKII products that I occasionally use without asking his permission first.

Logically I know it’s best to curb this obsession before it gets more out of hand, but all I want to do is bring more Japan into my life until I can travel some eight thousands kilometre away to be reunited with it.


Kurated by Kovfefed – March 2021

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Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Patience

These past few days, I have been feeling sad and defeated. The culprit: a personal project that I have been working on since last year, which should be finalized over the weekend, faced yet another sizeable hurdle.

It felt like I was back to square one, and this time instead of being excited and hopeful like I was at the start of this project, I felt cornered and deflated.

There goes hours and hours of time and energy spent on this project”, I thought, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to go through the whole process again.

I was just exhausted.

So, it was no surprise the Seven of Pentacles came up on my daily tarot draw this morning.

How fitting, this is exactly how I feel right now”, I mumbled to myself before putting the card back to the deck. I wasn’t ready to dissect its’ message just yet.

But I am now…

Seven of Pentacles in the classic Rider Waite Smith is depicted by a guy standing in his tended garden looking a bit tired and disconnected. Similar to the guy on the classic Rider Waite Smith deck, I, too, feel like pausing and taking a break. But that’s not the point, is it? It invites me to see my efforts as the seeds that I will reap one day, even though it’s not now and that I ought to practice patience.

Meanwhile, Charlie, the creator of the Fifth Spirit Tarot (the deck that I am currently using), said when this card appears, it’s because we might feel tired and run down, doubting our hard-work and investment. That’s me! Then they go on with:

“It tells us to value our sweat, labor and screw up because we are learning, growing and adapting.”

Lastly, Beth of Little Red Tarot had this to say about the card:

“If things aren’t feeling great – don’t give up, not just yet. Think about how you might do things differently from now on…”

Together with my own understanding of the card, their words brought plenty for me to digest.

To know that these setbacks don’t actually mean I was back to square one. That, I am still in the game. The project is still progressing, maybe just not as close to the end as I wanted it to be. But with the right mindset, some tweaks and perseverance, I am going to tick this one off too ━ as I had for past goals that I have set for myself.

Death To Kovfefed

Hello! Dropping in for a quick update that I have changed the blog’s identity to KultureKal – Liminal Memoir.

I created Kovfefed – The Normal Notes Fresh From Kovfefed Post on a whim just because it seemed absurd enough to fit my mental state last year. The name was supposed to be a temporary thing, as was this blog.

The thing is this blog grew on me.

Writing whatever I want to write without thinking about SEO, niche, and analytics has been fun. No, actually, better than fun. It’s the best! So I have decided to keep the blog and keep blogging here as a nurturing creative outlet.

Also, I have been wanting to retire Kovfefed , purely because of the associations that come with the word-play. Let’s just call it death by proxy.


I toyed with the idea of using my real name for the blog URL but decided to use one of my nicknames, Kal, instead. As for the Kulture, I want to sync with my other blog, KultureKween, which has become my primary internet identity for more than a decade.

Lastly, along with the identity change, I had a treat-yo-self moment, I jazzed up the blog theme. Check it out and let me know what you think.